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What is a class action?

A class action is a procedural device that permits one or more persons to join together and sue for a class of persons when the issues in dispute are common to all members of the class and the persons affected are so numerous as to make it impracticable to bring them all before the court.

Class actions enable numerous persons with small stakes to litigate related claims that would be prohibitively expensive for any one or a few of them to prosecute alone, with the result, therefore, that without the device like the class action they would refrain from suit and literally make the wrongdoer the beneficiary of the very massiveness of his wrong. Class actions also provide plaintiffs with strength against the multi-million dollar defendant. The Supreme Court of the United States has recognized that a legitimate aspect of class action litigation is to provide plaintiffs with a more powerful litigation posture.

Thus, by allowing individuals to pursue redress of wrongdoing in a cost effective manner, class actions enable civil justice to be done even in cases between adversaries of otherwise unequal economic means and bargaining power.

Resolution of the class action binds all members of the class that has been certified by the court.

What types of cases can be brought as a class action?

There are a variety of claims that are typically brought as class actions including claims based on (a) the federal securities laws; (b) mergers and acquisitions; (c) ERISA; (d) antitrust laws; and (e) consumer fraud.

What is a lead plaintiff?

A Lead Plaintiff is a person(s) or entity appointed by the court, to represent class members in the litigation. A Lead Plaintiff works with the court-appointed lead counsel in connection with the litigation.

How are the lawyers compensated in a class action lawsuit?

Lawyers in class actions are usually compensated on a contingent basis, which means that the attorneys only get paid out of any recovery amount they obtain. As a result, investors and consumers with small losses can easily afford to bring class actions to assert their rights.

Why should I retain Lifshitz Law PLLC?

Lifshitz Law PLLC is a firm that has successfully represented all types of investors and consumers in recovering losses caused by violations of the Federal and State securities and consumer protection laws. Lifshitz Law PLLC has developed a nationwide reputation for excellence in these areas of law.

Lifshitz Law PLLC has attorneys and a dedicated support staff that understands the law and how to obtain the largest recoveries for the class. We benefit from our wide network of experts who can evaluate the financial, accounting or consumer fraud and testify at trial.

Even more important than the resources available to Lifshitz Law PLLC and our clients is the personal attention we give to each client. We build relationships that last. Our clients refer their friends, family, and colleagues to our law firm because they know that we will provide them with excellent legal representation.

When you retain Lifshitz Law PLLC as your attorneys, you are getting more than just experienced lawyers and knowledgeable support staff. Lifshitz Law PLLC has earned the respect of co-counsel, opposing counsel and the courts. Lifshitz Law PLLC excels in a trial setting; we are able to present the facts in a compelling and convincing manner.

If you want lawyers with experience, expertise, and dedication to clients' needs, you need look no further. Lifshitz Law PLLC offers all these things and more.

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